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I have always liked the children’s song, “Jesus Loves Me,” but was thinking about a greater truth this week, something that is more fundamental than the love that Jesus has for us as his children. It is what Jesus said in John 10:14 “I am the good shepherd and I know my sheep, and am known of mine.” Jesus knows…

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The title of this post did not originate with me. You have probably seen it or heard people say it as a twist on the popular children’s song “Jesus Loves Me, This I know.” I have no beef with the children’s song. Although some strong Calvinists feel that the popular song is not consistent with New Testament doctrine, and whereas…

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My Top “100” Congregational Hymns

Compiled is my top 100 Hymns (actually, I couldn’t stop, so ended up with 113). In an effort to be relevant, most of them are from the Hymn Book we currently use at our church, Living Hymns.  I put a star beside my all time most favorite hymns.  These are not my favorites because of sentimentality or familiarity (although most are very familiar), but they are my favorite because the doctrine is correct, the theology is rich, and the music is glorifying to God.  Granted, some have more depth than others and some are my favorites because they have touched my heart deeply at some point in my life.  But it is my persuasion, that to know these 113 hymns (all the verses) would greatly enrich private and corporate worship of God’s church.

There are more hymns that are wonderful, many of them found in a variety of hymn books.  I compiled this list for our church, so obviously, I chose hymns found within the book that we use in our gathered worship.  What are you favorite hymns and why?

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