Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!

The title of this post did not originate with me. You have probably seen it or heard people say it as a twist on the popular children’s song “Jesus Loves Me, This I know.” I have no beef with the children’s song. Although some strong Calvinists feel that the popular song is not consistent with New Testament doctrine, and whereas I agree with Calvinist doctrine, I think some go too far in denying the fact that God does indeed love all mankind. God’s love like his anger is manifest in degrees and kind, much like our expressions of love and anger. The capacity to love and to be angry in degrees is a result of being created in the image of God. So I find no problem saying that God loves all mankind generally and compassionately, while still believing that God loves uniquely and particularly his chosen children, adopted as sons and co-heirs with Jesus Christ, his unique Son. I do not believe that John 3:16 means God loves the “elect” world. But rather that God loves the world–all the world; Jews, Gentiles, Germans, Nigerians, Americans, Japanese, etc. This love is expressed in sending his own unique Son to die for sinners in this world, because it is not his desire that any should perish. Christ’s atonement accomplished through is satisfactory and substitutionary death, however is only applied to those who are chosen or particularly called of God, and graced by God with repentance and faith. Those who believe are the elect of God, therefore all who believe can have confidence that God will forgive and free them from the slavery of sin and the condemnation of eternal death.

I digress a bit, yet the point of this post is to say that the children’s song, “Jesus Loves Me” is not wrong doctrinally and teaches a valid point found in the Scriptures concerning the love of God even for sinners (yes, children are sinners inheriting absolute depravity from their parents). The tune of “Jesus Loves Me” is very catchy, this is possibly why it resonates with children so well. They easily memorize simple tunes. Composing lyrics to this tune is not a difficult task. I propose adding some verses to this popular children’s tune, in an attempt to further the Biblical understanding of our children concerning salvation. Once someone gets on a roll, the number of verses that can fit this little tune are endless, but I have written a few suggestions. I am planning to teach these verses to our children and possibly the children of our church. Tell me what you think and feel free to add your own verses in the comment section (that applies to the two of you who read this blog.)

Jesus knows me, this I love
He has come from heaven above
Those he calls he surely saves
All because He’s the God of Grace.

Yes, Jesus knows me
Yes, Jesus calls me
Yes, Jesus loves me
Saved by grace alone

Jesus called men by the sea
They must followe was his plea
Jesus loved them he would give
Holy Spirit to in them live.

Jesus died for sinner’s need
Though in him no evil deed
I the sinner Christ the King
In my place, he’s my offering

Jesus rose triumphantly
Now he lives victoriously
Those who call upon his name
Never will be put to shame.

Now he lives to intercede
For my sin, he ever pleads
My own sin he takes away
He’s the truth the life the way.

Soon he’s coming back to claim
All his chosen ones to reign
Ever kneeling at his throne
Hallelujah, Heavens my home .

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