Jesus Knows Me

I have always liked the children’s song, “Jesus Loves Me,” but was thinking about a greater truth this week, something that is more fundamental than the love that Jesus has for us as his children. It is what Jesus said in John 10:14 “I am the good shepherd and I know my sheep, and am known of mine.” Jesus knows me in an intimate, relational sense that cannot be fully comprehended. The familial love that Jesus has for me is predicated upon his relational knowledge of me which results in my knowledge of him and subsequent love for him. The basis for everything in our Christian life is the intimate warmth and depth of knowledge Jesus has for those whom he has saved. A while back I wrote a new version of the Sunday School classic “Jesus Loves Me.” Rest assured, I am not trying to get rid of the classic, rather by using the simple well-known melody, proclaiming an even deeper and more moving truth as I consider it.

Jesus knows me, this I love
He has come from heaven above
Those he calls he surely saves
All because He’s the God of Grace.

Yes, Jesus knows me
Yes, Jesus calls me
Yes, Jesus loves me
Forgiven by His Grace

Jesus called men by the sea
They must follow was his plea
Jesus loved them he would give
Holy Spirit to in them live.

Jesus died for sinner’s need
Though in him no evil deed
I the sinner Christ the King
In my place, he’s my offering

Jesus rose triumphantly
Now he lives victoriously
Those who call upon his name
Never will be put to shame.

Now he lives to intercede
For my soul, he ever pleads
My own sin he takes away
He’s the truth the life the way.

Soon he’s coming back to claim
All his chosen ones to reign
Ever kneeling at his throne
Glory ever, Heavens my home.

*Image is a portion of “Good Shepherd” mural by Duncan Grant in the Russell Chantry, Lincoln Cathedral, England.



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