What A God!

A throw-back post…I wrote this poem back in 2009. That was a tough year for me, mostly because as immature as I am now, I was far more immature then. August of 2009 had been two years since I had been called as lead pastor of GBC, our membership had shrunk, church debt seemed insurmountable, division and perhaps even a church split seemed looming. I felt that in the two years since becoming lead pastor I had ruined the church. Although it was not ruined, indeed God was holding it together in spite of me, not because of me. Personally, I was struggling with severe depression, so much that I despaired of life. Our personal financial situation was frightening, and I had begun to look for another job, something as far away from pastoring as possible (as if it had worked for Jonah). When I wrote this poem, I was reading through Amos and became amazed at the grace and mercy of God; that God would love a wretch like me. Last night I was going through some old things I had written and stopped to praise God that he doesn’t stop maturing us having read this poem. What a God!

What a God, that he would give
His only son that we might live.
What tender mercy, unending love;
Amazing grace from heaven above.

What a Man, that he should be
Perfect, sinless, united Deity.
What life he lived and death he gave
To ransom souls, from sin to save.

What a Savior pure and blessed;
Died the death, secured our rest.
Now dwells above to intercede
Before the throne his righteous plea.

What a Lamb, born to die,
“Finished” is his Mercy cry.
Justice met for our crimes he paid,
Grace abounding will never fade.

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