What Do We Do Now?

What Do We Do Now?

This morning, as I read the decision by our nation’s Supreme Court to declare gay marriage legal in all fifty states, the first thing that came to my mind was, “What do we do now?” There is a real fear over the continuation of religious freedoms that American churches have enjoyed for a long time that flows from this decision. If you have not realized it yet, the juggernaut of the sexual revolution is no longer a fast moving train in the distance, it is fully upon us. The only thing standing in the way of the world’s longing for absolute autonomy and self-justification is Biblical Christianity. We will be told to change our thinking, change our values, change our beliefs, change our practices…conform to this immoral ethic or pay the consequences.

Although the liberal narrative disagrees, the big concern of Christians is not what sinners (which we all are) do in their bedroom; the biggest frustration to me is finally understanding that in our world today, words have completely lost their meaning. Male, female, marriage, covenant, etc. all mean whatever societal bullies and men and women in long black robes have decided they mean. God created language so he could communicate clearly and objectively to people. The height of sinful arrogance then is to steal the gift of communication and for people to put themselves in the place of God thus bending language and words and meanings in a way that attempts to cover their shame and guilt. Gay marriage is not about civil rights, but about removing any feelings of shame from shameful acts by both self-identifying it as marriage and by forcing others to do the same, to validate acts that are not even to be spoken of in secret. Lest we forget, this has been going on in our godless culture long before the call for gay marriage. Weak views on divorce, broken families, adulteries, and the free-love of the 60’s began this sexual revolution. This SCOTUS decision is but the fruit of seeds sown years ago in our culture. So what do we do now?

Rejoice! James 1 tells Christians to count it all joy when we fall into various trials. Beloved, if not already, you will find yourself being called all manner of unrepeatable words and phrases simply by choosing not to go along with the false narrative. Brethren, when you proclaim that indeed the emperor has no clothes, do not be surprised if you lose jobs, relationships, benefits, or dignity. But can we not rejoice that these trials are producing patience as a trial of our faith? Will we believe God’s objective, moral truth, or man’s ever shifting claim to know better than his Creator? Will we trust God and thus rejoice even in difficult days ahead. The greater the moral darkness of the culture around us, the greater the opportunity to shine as lights with joy.

Pray! James goes on to say that the wisdom we need to navigate a culture that is hostile to God’s Word will be found in asking God for it. The first thing I did this morning when I read about the SCOTUS decision was to fall on my knees before God and I asked him, “What do we do now?” I asked my Father for wisdom to lead his church, to lead my family, and to line my heart and actions up with the Word of God. Pray for your nation, pray for your church, pray for your family….Pray for an opening of blinded eyes.

Worship! Christians were never called to live righteous and holy lives only as long as it is convenient and easy to do. Do not forget that the religious freedom we have enjoyed to this point is a gift from God. If he should choose to take it away, making us like most every other nation in the history of the world, then glory be to God. Yet it is highly likely that churches, seminaries, Christian colleges, camp ministries will lose tax and other benefits if they do not concede to celebrating the sexual revolution. I do not hope for these troubles. Many smaller churches and ministries will cease to operate. But the church was not called to exist so long as we have nice buildings, comfortable surroundings, and tax exemption. We will continue to worship as Christ’s church, to meet wherever we are able, to preach the word, keep the ordinances, fellowship, sing, and pray. Christ builds his church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

Live! Our living must take on a more serious tone in the days ahead. Peter writes about the coming persecution, persecution we know little of today. And his Spirit inspired instruction is to continue in the simple and ordinary duties of life. Be a good neighbor, be a good husband and wife, be a good child, be a good servant or master. Why? So that even when you are called bigot, fool or any number of slanderous names, by your godly living, you will put them to silence.

Speak! This is perhaps the hardest for our fleshly selves. We must continue to speak the Gospel of Jesus into the hearts of those in our lives. I do not mean bull-horn antics on the street corner. I mean continuing to speak God’s truth in the Gospel to souls who are dying. I do not mean speak on Fox News or CNN, God bless those who have that opportunity; nor do I mean steering conversations with our neighbors toward the topic of gay marriage (most likely a useless discussion). But I do mean to continue to evangelize with both our lives and our lips no matter what consequences may arise, especially with our children who will be maturing in a very confusing world hostile to the faith of their fathers.

To say I was disappointed by the SCOTUS decision is an understatement. But I am not surprised. For years our culture has been unrelentingly attacking the foundation of Biblical truth and morality. What we are seeing today is simply the results of living in a world in which we do not belong. Let us be salty and shine as lights until Jesus comes back, knowing that our home is in heaven and we look for a better day; but we are here now by the grace of God, in order to share the gospel with dying souls for the glory of God.

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  1. Mac . Cotting said:

    I agree with with the pastor’s Biblical statements about the homosexual and lesbian lifestyle and SCOTUS politically correct ruling. An abomination and so much more !

    January 5, 2018

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