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I realize my last two posts might have seemed somewhat heavy and critical. In this post, I have decided to link to three articles that are well worth the read. So the problem is that one of the three (the one by Albert Mohler) is pretty heavy, but he says something that is so relevant and needs to be said. Each of these articles targets our chief relationships and authorities (the family, the church, and the government) and speaks to an issue within that realm.

The Family – Common Parent Traps -John MacArthur
MacArthur gives Biblical advice that is very helpful for those with children.

The Church – 3 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor -RC Sproul
I Can not think of three better ways than what is said in this article (and I am a Pastor)

The Government – The Ugly American -Albert Mohler
This is heavy and disturbing, yet a necessary read. Let no one be deceived into thinking that being an American citizen makes one pleasing to God. May we pray for our kinsmen according to the flesh and our own hearts who will one day stand before a Holy God.

I had in mind to write a blog post today, but after reading these three articles thought my reader minds would be better spent pondering these gifted and godly writers.



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