Answer Me! (Job 38-42)

Where you there when the world was nothing but space
And waters were moved with the Spirit of Grace?
Did you order the stars in their brightness so fair
And arrange the planets with provisioned care?

Did you bring autumn’s breeze to remind of grace,
Before winter’s cold snow hardens the human race?
Will you water the earth with spring’s merciful shower,
And with summers warm sun bring up the timely flower?

Will you speak with deafening pounding of thunder
Crashing with lighting, rending mountains asunder?
Can you calm the tempest with not but a word
Showing great peace, unmeasured strength out poured?

Dare you speak for Almighty: Lord, Judge and King
or contend with the Holy as earth’s dust offspring  ?
Will you commend your love while sinners yet hating
Are cursing you in defiance while judgment awaiting?

Can you purchase your people with blood of your own
And justify fully those who shall rest in you alone?
Will you bear under shame and Divine Damnation
For your glory and grace to bring reconciliation?

When humbled beneath death’s torturous plan
Will you break the chains and rise yet again?
Will you crush to death, the death of sin
And through your sacrifice certain victory win?

Answer me if you can, O man of dust and sin, then sing
For I am your Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer, and King
And to the earth you shall return, but your soul is mine
For I made you, I redeemed you and like the stars- you will shine.

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