Are we Post-modern?

I was reading the introduction to a book written recently concerning marriage and the family.  The author began with something that you will find in most Christian literature written today.  He began with the premise that we are living in a post-modern era and therefore living in a culture that believes truth is relative.  I used to believe this, but as we look at the spiritual, social, and political landscape around us, I have begun to wonder, “Is our society really post-modern?”  Another way to put it, “Does our culture believe that truth is relative?”  I am not so sure that is the case anymore; and yes, I do believe there is something worse than believing truth is relative.  What is worse than relative truth?  How about a reversal of truth whereby the culture proclaims that there is morality, there is truth, it is just that the truth they are talking about is the polar opposite of what God says is truth. One of the principles of a society where truth is relative is to suggest, “You have your truth, I have my truth-let’s just live and let be.”  But our society no longer thinks that way. As evidenced by the post yesterday, the society is not content to live and let be, but is determined to conform everyone to their standard of morality and truth.  Or the way the Word of God puts it, “Woe to them that call evil good and good evil.” (Is. 5:20).  In the “modern” era, men rejected absolute truth, in the “post-modern” era men ignored absolute truth, but now in the era we are living, men have redefined truth.  Now, it is not just that everyone can do his own thing, but if you insist upon Biblical truth, dogma, or Biblical literalism, you are not just considered wacky (post-modern)-you are considered evil.  If you desire to share the Gospel truth with an unbeliever, you are not just considered rude and intolerant, (post-modern) you are considered the enemy of “truth.”  Christians should do well to heed the reminder of Jesus, “Marvel not if the world hate you.”  I am still trying to think about what we should call this era if it is not post-modern, post-post-modern is just not creative enough, but whatever era we are living in now, we need to be on guard and arm ourselves with the mind of Christ.  Persecution is coming to those who hold to the God’s inspired Word (the Bible) as dogmatic truth.  The world has a gospel, it is just not the gospel of Jesus Christ found in the Bible.  In future posts, I would like to examine what the world’s gospel truly is.  Stay strong Christian.



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