Enamored by God

I admit it, I am a channel surfer.  I usually don't watch an entire program because I jump from channel to channel and soon forget what I was watching in the first place.  How many Christians "surf" the Bible in their time with God.  A quick verse here and a quick prayer there to get me ready for the day.  Now that I have my nugget of Truth, I can face the day ahead of me.  But when was the last time we were enamored by God?  I mean, when was the last time we opened the pages of Scripture and our eyes did not fall across black and white, but saw God in His glory?   When was the last time we could not get beyond one phrase of Holy Writ because we were so overwhelmed by the God of the Word?  Moses saw the back parts of God's glory and went away his face glowing with a fervent fire.  When we look into the pages of Scripture, do we search for a solution for our needs; or do we search for God?  In other words, are we man-centered in our reading of Scripture or God-centered?  It is so easy to look for that verse that will encourage me, to search for that passage that will give me direction and guidance; and that is not all wrong.  Yes, God's word is light to my path.  Yes, God's Word encourages greatly.  However, what will guide and encourage more than anything else, is to see God's glory clearly through the pages of Scripture.  "Lord, help me see You in your Holy Word.  Help me see Your glory and grace.  Help me view You high and lifted up.  Lord, let me decrease as you increase."


  1. Christina Rutter said:

    ‘There Is Always More’, by Valley Creek Worship. I was listening to this song and looked up the word enamored, which in turn lead me to your site. I love how you said to not just surf the bible. I am lead to seek His Glory deeper in His Word! God Lead today! Thank You Jesus!

    July 11, 2020
  2. Precious Faseyosan said:

    This was written 16 years ago and I am immensely blessed by it!
    This just awakened a love for God’s Word and new insights into how to seem Him.
    Thank you!

    October 23, 2022

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