I’m Leaving on Jet Plane

The month of July looks to be quite the busy month for me. God has blessed me with some tremendous opportunities to serve his church and I am excited to busy myself with the ministry. I would say that this means I won’t be posting that much on my blog, but I already don’t post that much on my blog, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Anyhow, the first of July, I fly to Warsaw, Poland and then take a six hour car ride to preach at a retreat for a few Christian churches. I am excited and nervous and earnestly desire prayer. I have never traveled across the pond; I have never preached through an interpreter; and I have never sat in the middle seat in the middle section of a 757 for 11 hours. I am confident that only by the prayers of God’s people will there be spiritual fruit to be shared in Poland. So Please Pray!

I will be there (or traveling) for about half the month of July staying with my sister and her family who have been so faithful and relentless in bringing the Gospel to portions of that un-reached nation. On my way back, I have a 17 hour layover in Rome, so that should afford for some interesting site seeing, so long as I don’t get lost and end up getting pressed into the service of the Pontifical Swiss Guard (I don’t think I would look that great in yellow and purple pantaloons).

God willing, I will return home just in time to enjoy my daughter’s first birthday, share God’s work with my home church and then turn around and head to Camp UTIBACA to preach to 10-12th graders for a week.

I thank God that I have such a supportive church  who has gone above and beyond in supporting this mission trip and allowed me time to go minister as partners in the Gospel with our Polish friends, and a qualified and faithful associate pastor who will continue to lead the church well in my absence.

I hope to post some pictures and provide updates sometime in a month. Until then, God speed!

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