Monumental Events

This year, my wife and I will celebrate ten years of marriage. It has been the most wonderful ten years of my life, and I don’t say that flippantly or out of a sense of duty, I mean that with every sincere bone in my body. Those who read this blog and know me personally, know very well that there is nothing within me that deserves the wife I have. Those who know my wife, probably often mutter with amazement, “How could she be with him?” My dear wife’s character is a great encouragement and rebuke to me. She takes care of three wild boys under the age of five and yet is certain to wake up every morning before the hooligans are roused to spend time with God. Her character is laced with Divine grace. Her personality also is exactly what I need. She is the most “maintenance-free” woman I have ever met. I am so blessed because I am usually pretty tactless and stupid with remarks, but she is not easily offended. I have rarely seen her get angry at another human being, and we gel well together. What a blessed man I am, to have found a virtuous woman whose price is far above rubies. The author of Proverbs 31 asks “who can find her?” And I respond, I have her! Obviously she is a sinner like the rest of us, but I can truly say without reservation that God gave me an unsearchable measure of grace when he bestowed upon me my wife. In light of or tenth anniversary and in contemplating how blessed I am. I have decided to recount some monumental moments in our life together. These moments of great grace by God evoke great gratitude in how God has blessed me with a suitable-help for my life.

Event #1

It was a Saturday morning at a small Bible college in the northern woods of Wisconsin when I first met my bride to be. I was a silly Freshman in college with a friend looking to have some fun with a group of other students. We were headed down to a really cheesy and probably unsafe mini-amusement park. It was a school sponsored function so we loaded up into an old bus to make the hour and one-half drive south (yes I said south) to Green Bay, WI. My friend, Tim, and I were seated on the bus being our usual foolish selves, when this blond girl sat right across from us. (I didn’t know it at the time, but she was trying to avoid a guy who was pursuing her and so she sat next to us). We hit it off right away and got to know each other pretty quickly. I remember all kinds of crazy events that day. I remember that when we got to the little amusement park, we kept bumping into each other. I remember that it rained for part of the time, and I remember sitting next to each other on a death-trap of a carnival ride that malfunctioned while spinning at top-speed and would not cease. I thought we were going to die (or at least I was going to vomit all over everyone), but I was okay with that, because in my mind there was no better place to be than right next to this beautiful blond girl from Michigan. The rest of the day went as normal as could be, but I remember feeling very sad that I could not sit next to my new friend on the way back to school because the guy who was after her, finally found a way to weasel his way in. Oh, well, I know how that turned out and I won!  This was one of the most monumental days in my life. It was the day that God providentially opened up a seat on a bus next to me for this girl to sit down. It was the day that God graciously allowed us to keep “running into one another.” It was the day that God forever would change my life by gracing me with the presence of one I would spend the rest of my life with. Thank you God for your providential blessing and care in even the most obscure moments of our lives, and thank you for my wife.

More events to come….



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