Praise to God!

When I am at my weakest that is when God’s glorious providence and power will burn through the most brightly. Oh, how I want to shine as the moon in its fullness of orb. When it casts its light over the darkest night, not waxing or waning, but simply glowing with the full brightness of the sun’s reflective rays. Truly, the Son of God lights up the life of the weary saint, and drives away the coldness and shadows of night. But I am far too often too dim in illuminating the light of the Son. Far to much, I pursue the darkness of this earth and my heart grows cold and further from the Son of Love. But Oh, great God, warm my cold heart. Oh merciful Savior, break upon me with the glory of your goodness and majesty. Let your glory pour in upon me through your Holy Word. Let not your mercy and tender-kindness forsake me, but pour out your Light upon my darkened soul and let me shine as the full moon, reflecting the warmth and light that you alone posses. If I speak, let me speak in such a way that God would be seen in every syllable and intonation. If I serve, let me serve in a manner that is befitting service to the King of kings and Lord of lords. If I sing, let every breath, every muscle, ever fiber within my body shout for glory and praise alone to God, for you are my Redeemer and the God of my life. Magnificent Father, let me never forget your mighty works which you establish upon this your earth and within my life which is yours. You formed the earth from nothing; You intricately placed within the minds of animals creative instincts. Yet wonder of wonders, you saw fit in your plan to breathe into me the breath of life. You are worthy of praise and glory for your creative power, but you are also worthy of honor and submission because of your re-creation of my sinful heart. Through the cross, you fulfilled elections plan and predestined me to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. O mighty Father, conform me to the Light of your dear Son, that men may see my works and glorify You, my God, in the day when you  once again visit this earth. Precious to me are the promises that you have lit up my life; and through me, you will light up my world. May I draw nearer, still nearer to you my precious Lord and God.



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