– COVID-19 Response –

sThe Bible tells us that we must obey God as he calls us to gather together in worship (Hebrews 10:25). The Bible also tells us that we must obey God as he calls us to submit to the ordinances of our government (1 Peter 2:13-14) as well as to obey God in submitting ourselves to one another, honoring and preferring one another (Philippians 2:3-4).

In accordance with all three commands, we have decided to re-gather as a church family for in-person worship. In order to do this and to be in submission to the state of Utah’s guidelines for churches to gather (note church is not a “social gathering” but a gathering for worship and devotion and spiritual education), the following is our plan for re-gathering:

Safe Practices Recommendations

·        If you or someone in your immediate household has been ill and exhibiting flu-like symptoms, please join our live-stream worship from home and meet with us when you no longer have symptoms for three days.

·        Please follow all CDC and SLCo guidelines for healthy practices while at our worship services.

·        Practice social distancing (6 ft) before, after and during worship services.

·        Face masks should be worn when arriving and departing worship services and anytime physical distancing cannot be consistently maintained in order to protect fellow worshipers unless a personal reason keeps you from wearing one. 

·        Please practice good hygiene including proper hand washing, coughing or sneezing in your elbow or tissue and avoiding touching your face.

Arriving at Church

·        Our worship service begins at 10:30 am. 

·        We ask those who arrive early to wait in their vehicles until it is appropriate to enter the building.

·        Seniors and those at high physical risk are invited to arrive 15-20 minutes before the service begins in order to use the restroom facilities, wash hands and find an appropriate place to sit.

·        All others should plan to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the worship service.

·        Stop by our welcome table in the lobby to pick up a bulletin and sanitize your hands, but please do not congregate in the church lobby.

Sanitizing and Cleanliness

·        Volunteers will be sanitizing surfaces and chairs before and between services.

·        Consider volunteering to serve our church in this essential ministry.

Finding a Seat

·        A greeter will welcome and direct you into the auditorium on Sunday.

·        We request that each household unit sits together in the seats most appropriate for the size of your group. (A family of 6 should sit where groups of 6 chairs are located, 4 people where there are 4 chairs, etc. Singles or couples can sit where there are 2 chairs available. Think about one another and plan to sit in a location that fits your family size).

·        Please fill up the front seats first and to leave the back seats for late-comers or visitors (if everyone attends, all the seat locations WILL BE FILLED UP).

·        Ushers will greet you at the door and be of assistance in helping you find a seat.


·        At this time, our kitchen is closed.

·        Coffee and other beverages may be brought to the services but will not be available at the church.


·    Please do not congregate in our classrooms except during official ministry times. Children in classes should practice social distancing

Restroom Facilities

·        A maximum of three people at a time in the restrooms. It is recommended to wait in your seat until the restroom is available.

·        Please practice social distancing.

·        Please follow proper hand-washing procedures.

·        Please inform a deacon if there is an issue with the restrooms.

Children’s Ministries

·        Families are invited to worship together. There will be classes available for toddlers and children up through Kindergarten. Those with older children may consider bringing quiet activities for their children. In addition, we will have some activities (coloring pages, word games, etc.) available at our welcome table. 

·        Our nursery room will NOT be staffed, but we will have it open for parents to take their babies to change them or play with them as needed. There will be live video streaming of the worship service in our nursery. Please follow the signs regarding occupancy and try to practice social distancing.

·        Our cry room will be available as a quiet place for parents to nurse or to take sleeping children. This room also will have live video streaming of the worship service.

·        Parents may also use the lobby if needed for their children.

·        All our children’s workers are screened, and background checked.

Leaving Church

·        We welcome everyone to leave the auditorium immediately at the conclusion of the worship service to fellowship outside on the west lawn, practicing physical distancing

·        We strongly encourage you to plan social gatherings after the worship service at each other’s homes or at parks. Go for a walk together, eat lunch or dinner, discuss the sermon, etc. 

We believe that we ought to be responsible citizens of our community and thus help to stop the spread of the coronavirus by taking the measures recommended by our governing authorities. We also believe that we can express loving responsibility of citizens of God’s kingdom by praying for the affected, serving those at risk who need assistance, trusting the sovereignty and goodness of God and being a calming and very real presence to the hurting and fearful people around us. 

Fear promotes selfishness, but faith produces service. We wish to continue to worship with one another through song, prayer, fellowship and the Word even if we have to be creative in how we do this. We also be a people of hope and encouragement to those around us with the Gospel. 

If you are reading this and you are concerned with the uncertainty in the world around you, we encourage you to watch this video about God’s Story and to reach out to one of our pastors.