– COVID-19 Response –

We are taking seriously the dangers and concerns of the spread of COVID-19. We also are taking seriously the recommendations from our local government that groups of more than ten people should not gather. We will no longer be holding in-person services and all church related events are cancelled or postponed. We will prayerfully assess the situation and listen to the authorities weekly, but the church should expect this to last for several weeks. 

There are five ways we are seeking to minister to our church family during this difficult time of personal distancing. 

(1) We will be video live-streaming a worship service each Sunday at 11:00 am. This service will have prayer, singing and preaching of God’s Word. The livestream may be accessed on this website or Facebook.

(2) We will publishing a weekly Bible study through the book of Ecclesiastes, that we encourage you to watch and discuss with your families at a regular time each week. This will be published on Facebook, be sent by email, and be posted on our website. 

(3) We are going to be having short daily devotions in video and written form led by Pastor Matt and a Bible memorization program led by Pastor Caleb. This will be posted on our church social media accounts. Get the kids involved in this.

(4) Your pastors are available at any time to talk, pray or provide counsel. However, we are setting aside Saturdays for “prayer with a pastor.” While we would gladly come to you either in person or by phone call, to help stop the spread of the virus, we are asking families or individuals to set up a time by email, text, or phone call to come to the church on Saturdays for prayer. We will be sanitizing the building and be able to practice social distancing before and after we meet. 

(5) Please serve one another and your community. Think of the physical needs of one another and check in on each other. Be ready to go the store for one another, share what you have with each other, and evangelize our hurting and fearful neighbors with the hope of eternal life that Christ promises. 

We believe that we ought to be responsible citizens of our community and thus help to stop the spread of the coronavirus by taking the measures recommended by our governing authorities. We also believe that we can express loving responsibility of citizens of God’s kingdom by praying for the affected, serving those at risk who need assistance, trusting the sovereignty and goodness of God and being a calming and very real presence to the hurting and fearful people around us. 

Fear promotes selfishness, but faith produces service. We wish to continue to worship with one another through song, prayer, fellowship and the Word even if we have to be creative in how we do this. We also be a people of hope and encouragement to those around us with the Gospel. 

If you are reading this and you are concerned with the uncertainty in the world around you, we encourage you to watch this video about God’s Story and to reach out to one of our pastors.