Moral Adjustment

I recently saw this commercial Audi Green Police (okay so it has been out for a while, but I guess I don’t watch enough TV and when I do, I am notorious for channel surfing during the commercials); and I get that it is just a commercial and supposed to be funny, but since when did totalitarianism become a hip way to communicate your message?  And then I saw this commercial Glee Recycling and was bothered by the subtle message being sent.  I am a supporter of recycling.  I am for energy conservation.  I get irritated and will cranky about morons who litter water bottles and granola bar wrappers along the trails I like to hike, but there is a trend within the world to adjust morality.  For years, the world has protested against standards of morality.  The world is amoral and toleration is supreme.  But I noticed an important message being sent in these commercials.  It is that there is a morality, but it is not a Bible-based one.  In the first commercial, it is a crime worthy of serious arrest to be found using plastic instead of paper for your groceries.  You are evil scum if you use an incandescent “normal” light bulb.  And the second video is less subliminal.  If you recycle you are good (note the ad. says nothing about doing good, but being good).  And if you do not, you are bad (not just doing bad, but your nature is bad (or evil). This adjusting of morals becoming so publicly blatant is evidence, that the cries of amoral tolerance and pluralism have been and are smoke-screens to hide the truth that the world is the enemy of true morality.  This is not about being responsible with our environment and created world, but is about what is right and what is wrong.  What really is morality?  Evidently society makes that determination, not an outside source of righteousness (God).  Some thoughts to consider.



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