Christian Patriotism

If, as a Christian, I believe that God is supreme over nations and governments. . .

and if, as a Christian, I live in a nation that allows me freedom to express my belief in God. . .

Then I have a duty to be a patriot by proclaiming the sovereignty of God in America.

If I am to be a patriot for the glory of God . . .

And I believe that God is glorified through the gospel of Jesus Christ . . .

Then I have a duty to declare that gospel and live out its implications boldly and passionately.

I am pondering that the most patriotic thing that a Christian can do is not protest injustice, not run for political office, not campaign against evil-doers, not engage in political rhetoric (although these all might be good and wholesome, but I am speaking of the most patriotic duty), but rather the most patriotic duty is to speak the evangel to my neighbor, my post-man, my barista (I don’t have one but some of you do-I get my coffee from the gas station), my co-workers, etc.

The gospel of grace which promises to redeem sinners, justify the guilty, forgive the fallen, and make new the destitute will be the only thing that can stem the decline of the United States of America.  God make us good citizens by being passionately evangelistic Christians.

Happy Belated Birthday, USA.  And may God truly bless America only through faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.



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