I has been a while since I posted something.   For my faithful readership, thanks for sticking with it (you two are a blessing).  I can give lots of excuses for the delay in writing. . . like that we went on a backpacking adventure down to Zion National Park to hike the Narrows, the world’s longest slot canyon; or that we went to family camp up at Camp UTIBACA in mid-Utah.  Not to mention that things are pretty busy here at the church.  But really, all excuses are just that excuses.

In all seriousness, I wonder what kind of excuses we all give for why we don’t walk with Jesus Christ closer every day.  Or what are the excuses for not seeking first the Kingdom of God?  What excuses keep us from preaching the Gospel to those we know or don’t know?  We make a lot of excuses (at least I do); however I just finished reading “Dispatches from the Front” a newsletter of Frontline Missions International.  This mission agency is trying to minister to the persecuted church across the world.  I encourage each one of you to go to frontlinemissions.info and read the latest “dispatches.”  It will move your heart for God’s people around this world, and humble us in our lack of devotion to the spread of the Gospel.  I have so much and I need to stop making excuses for my apathy and self-inflated sense of persecution, and to be reminded of why I am here on this earth.  God give me a greater heart for the lost of this earth,  a deeper understanding of your amazing grace that reaches every kindred, tongue, people and nation for your glory, and a fuller commitment to be a servant of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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