In Mourning

I am in mourning today regarding the presidential election.  I do not mourn the loss of “my candidate” nor do I mourn the win of Mr. Obama.  Instead I grant my congratulations and a promise to President-elect Obama, that I will submit myself to the United States Government’s authority as long as it does not contradict my duty to my God.  I also promise the President-elect, that I will not speak ill of his person (although, I will freely and boldly denounce policies that I believe to be ungodly).  My last promise to Mr. Obama, is that I will pray for him.  The Bible commands us in Scripture to submit to governmental authorities as well as pray for them.  What will I pray?  I will pray that God would grant him wisdom and direction so that we might lead quiet and peaceable lives.  But I am stilll in mourning-I mourn the deaths of millions of infants that will lose their lives if he pushes to loosen the abortion laws.  Mr. President-elect, please let the innocence of those children still in the womb and those whom you have called “post-birth fetuses” enjoy the same opportunities you have enjoyed.  Please do not allow the wickedness of partial-birth abortions to have a place again in our society; I fear for our nation and her people.  God will not tolerate murder of the innocents.  He said in the Bible, upon which our President-elect will take an oath, that it would be better that a millstone were tied around the neck and those who harm his little ones, and that they were cast into the sea–God loves children, even those still in the womb receiving nourishment from their mother.  The most important issue to me is not the economy, (and I am by no means wealthy) nor is it the war on terror, but the already war being raged against children in the womb.  The children are losing, they are defenseless.  As a citizen of this great nation, I want America to return to greatness.  As Alexis de Toquville noted that America is great because she is good, she will cease to be great when she ceases to be good. 

May God have mercy on America.



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  1. Melisa said:

    Great post Matt, I could not have said it better. Hope you and your growning family is doing well.

    November 13, 2008

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